The Women of Oklahoma

The Women of Oklahoma is an online newsletter with a mission to connect and introduce the personal stories of women with similar and diverse backgrounds and to cultivate an awareness of purposeful information for the empowerment of women.

Established in 2019, The Women of Oklahoma (WOO) newsletter highlights entrepreneurs, encourages positive social norms, recognizes past and present leaders in their industry, and cites the challenges and controversial issues plagued by Oklahoma women. WOO continues to be a much-needed ‘voice’ and resource to share positive, educational, and pertinent information uniquely and creatively.

Creating connections and building relationships is an important aspects of any community. WOO represents and supports women of all races, financial statuses, education, religions, and political and cultural backgrounds. Ranked the fourth-worst state to live for women, in 2018 (Hall, 2018) and ranked the fifth-worst state to live for women in 2020, (Trotter, 2020), Oklahoma is home to 1.994 million women (United States Census Bureau, 2019). WOO has a reputation for creating an unbiased and diverse platform. The company creates a community impact by introducing and promoting women entrepreneurs, business and organizational leaders, community figureheads, and neighborhood Samaritans.


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