The Women of Oklahoma

The eNewsletter for Every Woman in Oklahoma

"A woman has many layers, each unique in her own way, regardless of race, age, religious belief, socioeconomic status and ideologies".......Cheval Parker, Contributing Writer

About Us

The Women of Oklahoma eNewsletter was established in 2019 with a mission to connect and introduce the personal stories of women with diverse backgrounds, sequentially, cultivating an awareness of purposeful information for the empowerment of women.

The company’s vision is to highlight entrepreneurs, build positive social norms and social beliefs, recognize past and present leaders in their industry, and cite the challenges and controversial issues plagued by the women in the state.

Ranked 4th worst state to live for women, in 2018 (Hall, 2018), and in 2020, ranked 5th worst state to live for women (Trotter, 2020), Oklahoma is home to 1.994 million women (United States Census Bureau, 2019) and The Women of Oklahoma eNewsletter aims to be a much needed ‘voice’ and resource to share positive, educational and pertinent information in a unique, equal, and creative way.


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